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Empowered Employees

We will ensure student success by maintaining a highly effective, empowered staff.

Strategy: RECRUIT, ONBOARD, and RETAIN highly effective staff.

  • Increase compensation for employees (certified supplement and classified salaries).
  • Improve hiring procedures.
  • Revise new teacher mentoring support (NTSP/UNCG, ICs, and others).
  • Implement new teacher orientation.
  • Develop new employee training (by department and school).
  • Strengthen partnerships with colleges/universities (student teachers).

Strategy: PROVIDE SUPPORT and opportunities for professional GROWTH.

  • Develop a pathway to becoming a highly qualified Teacher Assistant.
  • Implement and maintain coaching structure and model.
  • Provide professional development based upon data and needs.
  • Research methods for curating professional development for employees.
  • Revise evaluations to better reflect current job expectations.

Strategy: FOSTER collaboration and STRENGTHEN leadership.

  • Encourage collaborative approaches/processes to incorporate a variety of voices in decision making and maintain intentional and continuous communication about decisions with staff.
  • Distribute and develop staff leadership.
  • Promote collective ownership and responsibility for success.
  • Support leadership development for school/district leaders.