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Family & Community Involvement

We will be a trusted resource, connecting schools, families, and the community in order to maximize learning opportunities.

Strategy: BUILD community partnerships that create mutually beneficial relationships and connect people.

  • Maintain strong relationships with local foundations, organizations, churches, local government agencies, and law enforcement.
  • Create and maintain the DCS Community Champions program, connecting families and local businesses.
  • Communicate school events to the community and join in community led events as representatives of Davie County Schools.

Strategy: CONNECT and educate families through clear communication and relevant resources.

  • Maintain accurate and timely information on and include helpful and relevant resources.
  • Communicate frequently through School Messenger, ensuring all parents and families have access to consistent information through email, voice message and text.
  • Provide opportunities and resources that build parent and family engagement in the curriculum, in order to best support the student(s) in their home.
  • Collaborate with parents and families through Superintendent/Parent Roundtable meetings.
  • Support students and families during grade level transitions.

Strategy: CELEBRATE the successes, accomplishments, and important milestones of students and staff.

  • Utilize multiple communication platforms to tell the Davie County Schools’ story.
  • Recognize individuals and groups at Board of Education Meetings.
  • Honor student and staff achievements at school, district and community events.
  • Uphold school and district values and traditions.