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Student Growth and Achievement

We will support every student to achieve their potential through continuous growth leading to college, career and life success.

Strategy: FOSTER effective teaching in every classroom.

  • Refine and strengthen professional learning communities.
  • Develop a guaranteed and viable curriculum.
  • Incorporate instructional and engagement strategies in daily lessons.
  • Implement blended learning practices to maximize instruction.
  • Establish a grading framework to build consistency and reflect students’ mastery of content.

Strategy: PROMOTE student growth for ALL through fully implementing MTSS in all schools.

  • Embed social emotional learning daily with purpose.
  • Strengthen core instruction.
  • Analyze data to know where students are and adjust instruction to respond to student needs.
  • Provide research based interventions with consistency and fidelity.

Strategy: STRENGTHEN instructional leadership through professional development and coaching.

  • Create and implement a consistent coaching model.
  • Implement professional learning communities for leaders across the district.
  • Provide professional development for all instructional staff with intentionality.
  • Align teacher evaluations with student learning.
  • Reinforce reflective practices and continuous improvement of instruction.