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Supportive, Safe & Secure Environments

We will provide and efficiently manage resources to ensure a supportive, safe and secure learning environment.

Strategy: ENSURE a Safe & Secure Environment.

  • Update safety practices.
  • Continue to enhance safety systems.
  • Implement safety education protection programs.

Strategy: PROVIDE an environment that values all, where they are, and who they are.

  • Develop and implement a mental health plan.
  • Develop an awareness program to educate staff about student individual differences (CRS)
  • Increase awareness and support of staff and student well being.

Strategy: IMPROVE & SUSTAIN Technology, Operations and Administrative Systems.

  • Complete a facility study to implement strategies to meet the changing needs of the district.
  • Provide modern, proactive and sustainable solutions to support future growth.
  • Continue to implement blended learning environments to support instruction.