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Academically & Intellectually Gifted

AIG Vision

Davie County Schools will provide all AIG students with engaging and challenging experiences to develop their potential, prepare them for college and careers, and maximize their future opportunities.

AIG Program Goals

In order to improve the educational performance of gifted students, Davie County Schools will work:

  • To identify students with high abilities and high academic achievement utilizing multiple criteria.

  • To differentiate and enrich the core curriculum to challenge the academically/intellectually gifted learner.

  • To provide an array of services in a variety of settings which meet the academic needs of highly able learners.

2021 - 2022 Parent Meetings

Please click on the AIG Parent Orientation Presentation below:

AIG Advisory

In order to communicate information about AIG, promote parent involvement and advocacy,  and to encourage parents to help gather and share information with others in the community,  an AIG Advisory has been formed and meets twice during the school year. Advisory members include AIG Specialists, regular classroom teachers, school administrators, and parents of AIG students. 

The AIG Advisory will meet in the fall and in the spring.  If interested in serving on the Advisory, please contact the AIG Specialist assigned to your school.

AIG Local Endorsement Course

To improve teachers’ preparedness and credentials for AIG instruction, a 30-hour hybrid course is available to meet local AIG requirements.  Teachers who are interested should contact Cherri White at

Meet the AIG Specialists

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