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Arts Smart 2021

Click on the image below to open PDF.  This will provide you with access to the links embedded within the Ashley for the Arts Virtual World sponsored by Ashley Furniture.

This is a very large file.  To optimize your experience, please be sure to follow some of these steps as you interact on the platform.

  1. After you click on a link and explore the gallery, performance, activity, or other experience, click the BACK button to return to the PDF.
  2. IMPORTANT: You may need to refresh the page when you return to the PDF if the image does not show completely
  3. You may also want to DOWNLOAD the pdf and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader to have a better experience with the Ashley for the Arts Virtual World.
  4. There are many items linked to the Ashley for the Arts Virtual World that are not included in the Google Site Created so return to the map often.
  5. Please sign-in and let us know you visited us. There is also a link on the map.
Special Thanks to Will Marrs, Drafting I / Drafting II Engineering / Drafting III Engineering Teacher at Davie County High School for all his time and effort building this virtual space. 
Ashley for the Arts Virtual World