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Career & Technical Education


Career and Technical Education (CTE) empowers all students to be successful citizens, workers, and leaders in a global economy.  


Whether students plan to further their education in community colleges, technical schools, four-year colleges, and universities, receive on-the-job training, or pursue careers in the military, Davie County Schools' CTE can be the first step in a pathway toward productive employment and citizenship.

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NC CTE Clusters/Pathways

CTE Essential Standards

NC Careers

Non-Discrimination Statement

Anthony Davis is Piedmont Triad Region CTE Administrator of the Year

Davie County Schools Career & Technical Education Staff

Videos: Learn more about CTE

DCHS Datsun Project Part I

DCHS Datsun Project Part II

CTE 101

Learn more about how Career Technical Education prepares learners for their futures while closing the skills gap for employers across the country.

Alex Norman Interview

Meet Alex Norman, Alex is Davie County High School graduate that has spent the the last few years honing his craft. Alex graduated high school in 2012 and spent the next few years chasing dreams while dealing with Reality.

1:1 in Auto Tech

See how students in AutoTech are utilizing Chromebooks in class.

Mike Rowe talks CTE - Part 1

This is the first of a multi-part series of short videos showcasing Mike's illuminating answers to many of the questions he received. In this clip, Mike talks about ways to make more people aware of the importance of CTE. 

Mike Rowe talks CTE - Part 2

In this second clip to showcase some of his comments, Mike discusses the importance of funding for career and technical education and offers his opinion of those who would consider it a "low priority."

Mike Rowe talks CTE - Part 3

In this third clip to showcase some of his comments, Mike explains why he's such a big supporter of SkillsUSA while also expressing bewilderment that more people aren't aware of the organization and the work it's doing.