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English As A Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL) is an English language education study program for non-native speakers. The Davie County Schools ESL program has small classes for students to receive individual attention from their teachers. Students learn English and also participate in cultural and social activities of the school and the community. The objective of the ESL program is to improve the level of an English learner. The ESL classes teach different English language skills, according to the English ability of the students, interest, and needs. All programs teach the following: grammar, reading, comprehension, writing, and vocabulary.

Luis Munoz Profile

Luis Munoz

ESL Coordinator

Luis Munoz is the  ESL coordinator for Davie County Schools.  Along with this role, Mr. Munoz is an ESL teacher for Pinebrook Elementary School, North Davie Middle School and William R Davie Elementary School. He was born in Santiago, Chile and graduated as a teacher of English from the Metropolitan University in Santiago, Chile. Early on, Mr . Munoz taught English at the kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school levels. He also worked for The Chilean-North-American Institute in Santiago and has given lectures of teaching English in Argentina, Peru and Chile.

Mr. Munoz moved to the US in 1997 and became an ESL coordinator in Caswell County, NC in 1998. He moved to Davie County in 2003.


Website: Mr. Munoz

Equality of educational opportunity is not achieved by merely providing all students with the same facilities, textbooks, teachers, and curriculum (because) students who do not understand English are effectively foreclosed from any meaningful education.

Supreme Court - Lau v. Nichols (1974)

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