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Graduation Requirements and Occupational Course of Study (OCS)

The Occupational Course of Study (OCS) is one of the pathways to earn a high school diploma. This course of study is available for those students with disabilities who are specifically identified for the program. It is intended for students who function significantly below age and grade level expectations. The primary characteristics include a documented history that the student requires at least three of the following:

  • Intensive, explicit instruction throughout the school day and on a daily basis in order to address significant deficits in reading and math

  • Multiple/varied strategies to address significant deficits in language processing and/or communication

  • Direct instruction and repeated practice to address significant deficits in adaptive behavior skills (age-appropriate behaviors necessary to live independently & to function safely & appropriately in daily life), with at least one deficit noted within the following areas: social/interpersonal, self-care, home-living, use of community resources, self-direction, functional academics, work, leisure, safety, and communication 

  • Multiple repetitions and opportunities for hands on instruction to address significant deficits in attention & short-term memory

The OCS curriculum prepares students to be competent and dependable employees, as well as, independent and responsible adults. The curriculum focuses on the development of functional academic skills and hands-on vocational training with the ultimate outcome of transitioning the student from high school into competitive employment.

 Four English credits that shall be: 

  1. English I

  2. English II

  3. English III

  4. English IV

Three Mathematics credits that shall be: 

  1. Introduction to Mathematics

  2. NC Math I

  3. Financial Management

Two Science credits that shall be: 

  1. Applied Science

  2. Biology

Two Social Studies credits that shall be: 

  1. American History:  Founding Principles, Civics and Economics

  2. American History I or American History II

One Health and Physical Education credit 

  1. Students are required to successfully complete CPR instruction to meet Healthful Living Essential Standards as a requirement for high school graduation.

  2. Accommodations/alternative assessments for students identified by ADA or IDEA may be provided as determined by an IEP team .

Six Occupational Preparation Education credits:

which shall be Occupational Preparation I, II, III, and IV (i.e, completion of 150 hours of school-based training with work activities and experiences that align with student’s post-school goals, 225 hours of community-based training, and 225 hours of paid employment or 225 hours of unpaid vocational training, unpaid internship, paid employment at community rehabilitation facilities, and volunteer and/or community services hours.

Four Career/Technical Education Elective credits

A Career Portfolio

Completion of the Student’s IEP Objectives

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