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Transportation is included as a related service under the regulations in 34 CFR §300.34(a) and (c)(16). 

Students who have transportation listed on their IEP are eligible for Carolina Custom Transport or parent transportation to and from school.  No services are provided for extra curricular activities to and from school. 

Approval for transportation will be granted under these conditions:

  • Behavior Issues Medical Issues
  • Safety Issues
  • Student is designated to a school outside his/her home school district by the IEP Team 

Carolina Custom Transportation

Paperwork for Carolina Custom Transportation is completed at the IEP Team Meeting when transportation is added on the student’s IEP.  The EC Director signs the appropriate form authorizing that transportation is approved.  Once the form is completed, transportation may not start until 2-3 working days later.  Please have some other form of transportation available during that time.

Carolina Custom Transportation should contact the parent or teacher with the pick up/drop off times for the student’s route.

Parent Transportation

Paperwork for parent transportation is also completed at the IEP Team Meeting when transportation is added on the student’s IEP.  We only contract with the Legal Parent or Guardian. 

There are 3 rounds of Parent Transportation throughout the school year:

  1.  First school day in August through the end of November
  2.  First school day in December through the end of February
  3.  First school day in March through the last day of school in June

The reimbursement contracts are prepared by the EC Department and will be sent to the schools after each round of transportation.  The schools are then responsible for getting the contracts signed by the parents.  The contracts are returned to the EC Department for approval and then sent to the Finance Office for processing.  Payment is made within 30 days.

Contact Deanna Blackwelder in the EC Department at 336-751-2491  for questions or concerns.