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Student Services

Four students working together on floor

Jennifer Custer
Exceptional Children's  and Student Services Director 

Deanna Blackwelder
Administrative Assistant to EC Director

Social Media Monitoring

Social media platforms, especially those that include chat and messaging capabilities, have become places for students to discuss issues with their peers. Unsupervised conversations through these mediums can be detrimental to student wellbeing. We encourage you to closely monitor your student’s social media accounts, including private messages.  Click here to read more.

School Health Staff

Lori Dingler, RN, BSN, NCSN
William Ellis Middle, Cornatzer Elementary, and Central Davie Academy


Stacey Pollard, RN, BSN, NCSN
Cornatzer Elementary, and Shady Grove Elementary


Sabrina Hennelly, RN, BSN, NCSN
Mocksville Elementary, and South Davie Middle 


Natalie Moore, RN, BSN, NCSN
Pinebrook Elementary, and North Davie Middle


Amber Samuels, RN, BSN, NCSN
Cooleemee Elementary, and South Davie Middle


Sherry Wilson, RN, BSN, BCSN
William R. Davie Elementary, William Ellis Middle and North Davie Middle


Katie McDaniel, RN, BSN, NCSN
Davie High and  Early College High


food bag
Bananas with positive messages written on them

School Counselors
Kelly Crosby, MA School Counselor

Sherry McKnight, MA School Counselor
Cooleemee Elementary School

Caitlin Jennings, MEd School Counselor
William R. Davie Elementary School

Janice Weakland, MEd School Counselor
Davie County Virtual School

Dee Ann Reavis, MEd School Counselor
Mocksville Elementary School

Katie Burton, MEd School Counselor
Cornatzer Elementary School

MA is a 60 plus hour School Counseling Masters program with 20plus hours additional Counseling Theory and Practice requirement similar to a Clinical Social Worker. MEd is a 40 - 46 hour School Counseling Masters program.

C ounselors help you help yourself!
O n your side
U nderstand
N ow and always focused on your Needs
S upport
E ncourage
L isten
O ffer ideas and Opportunities for growth
R espectful of your journey in life

About School Social Workers

ROle of a School Social Worker  (DCS SLIDE DECK)

DCS School Social Workers

Andreia Collins, BSW, CTP-E
Lead School Social Worker
McKinney-Vento District Liaison
Google voice number:  707-761-8067

Monday- Davie County High 
Tuesday- Davie County High 
Wednesday- Davie County High 
Thursday- Davie County High 
Friday- Davie County High 

Aubrey Draughn, BSW, MA, CTRP
Compassionate & Resilient Schools Trainer
Certified Trauma & Resilience Trainer
Google voice number: 336-705-1733 

Monday- South Davie Middle
Tuesday- Mocksville Elementary
Wednesday- South Davie Middle
Thursday- Mocksville Elementary
Friday- Mocksville Elementary/District Day

Amy Gould, BSW, CTP-E
Google voice number: 336-528-4314

Monday: Cornatzer Elementary 
Tuesday: William Ellis Middle 
Wednesday: Shady Grove Elementary
Thursday: William Ellis Middle 
Friday: Shady Grove Elementary

Paulina Hanner, MSW, LCSW
Crisis Prevention Intervention Trainer
Google voice number: 336-528-4610

Monday: Cooleemee Elementary 
Tuesday: North Davie Middle 
Wednesday: CDEC/school rotation
Thursday: Cooleemee Elementary  
Friday: North Davie Middle 

Sydnee Bowles, BSW, CTP-E
Foster Care Point of Contact
Google Voice 336-283-7963

Monday- Pinebrook Elementary 
Tuesday- William R Davie Elementary 
Wednesday- William R Davie Elementary 
Thursday- Pinebrook Elementary 
Friday- Central Davie Academy