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Safety Response Actions


Davie County Schools' District Hotline is an anonymous way to report safety concerns at your school.  If you know or hear of something we should know, please call immediately.  You do NOT have to identify yourself and your phone number is NOT captured. 


  • Threats of Violence
  • Fights
  • Bullying 
  • Theft
  • Child Abuse


  • Gang Activity
  • Drug Use
  • Cheating
  • Vandalism
  • Alcohol Use

COVID Resources

From the Department of Public Instruction (DPI):

Going forward, school administrators, staff, and families should refer to the CDC's Operational Guidance for K12 Schools for information on how to lower the risk of COVID-19.

Davie County continues to adhere to the most recent CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. This page is to provide parents and students with processes and procedures related to our COVID-19 response. As always, those who have a communicable disease should remain at home.

Beginning October 5, 2022:

  • COVID absences will not generally impact athletic eligibility or exam exemptions at the High School level.
  • In order for an absence to be officially excused due to COVID-19, students will need an official test from one of the options outlined HERE.
  • Precautionary absences due to exposure will NOT be excused.
  • More information on isolation parameters can be found HERE.

We believe students learn best when they are present in our classrooms every day! DCS is committed to minimizing and preventing the spread of communicable diseases in our schools. We highly encourage those with symptoms to seek appropriate care and applicable tests.

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These materials include:

These documents will provide additional information to help schools operationalization the recommended actions in the CDC Guidance. All resources are available on the NCDHHS Guidance Website.